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And Ends
15 May 2007

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Kameoka Eki II
4 March 2007

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Walking the pig
28 January 2007

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Whats Past is Past
26 January 2007

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Prayer Tree II
7 November 2006

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3 November 2006

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Kyoto Tower II
30 October 2006

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Table Detail
11 September 2006

Recent Comments

حسن صنوبری on I_
Is excellent. Lastly alone.

photo sur toile on I_
Sure, it's a beautiful shot in black and white. He emerges a strange atmosphere, it is a picture that has ...

Garrett on Whats Past is Past
What a great moment and story captured! One can see through your images that you have a strong passion for exploring ...

Garrett on Redlight
A stunning image of a single moment that is both gentle and thought provoking. Bravo!

Garrett on On the way out
Awesome shot! The sense of movement and texture in this image are beautiful.

Garrett on Sunday Sunday...
Great mood and lighting, it really pulls you in.

Sázky on On the way out
nice shot,great image,bravo

Katalog Stron on On the way out
great image,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on On the way out
great shot,exellent colours and details

KBR on On the way out
as a sculpture!

KBR on Will the Real Mary Jane Please Stand Up?

drphoto on On the way out
There is some beauty in death after all eh?! Dan

drphoto on The unexamined life is not worth living
Interesting shot and very good processing. I want a hinged LCD! =D( lol Dan

drphoto on Into the Weekend
Nice framing, and the look onthe guy's face really gives this shot an atmosphere. Dan

drphoto on Sunday Sunday...
Great shot, love thie lighting. Nice processing too. this one works great alongside the next one; they compliment ...

Carina on Water/Wave (1 of 3)
Muy buena foto!!! beautifull picturi.

Gesa on The unexamined life is not worth living
Great use of the relflection. Like it.

Mozhde on On the way out
wating for spring time good shot !

Ali on On the way out

WABIKOJA on Archive
Cool black! I like how you use the color.

Hoshisato on Celebrate Mediocrity.
The real Japan, very nicely captured in B/W!

Hoshisato on Forgive Everybody And Remember

cudonfls on The unexamined life is not worth living
You have a very nice eye for the photos! I was thinking some seconds to undertand it because it's really ...

cudonfls on Sunday Sunday...
WOW, good view! really nice composcion and colors...

Hikari on Celebrate Mediocrity.
This is really japan ! , well seen !

Hikari on I_
I just love it ! composition and light are just excelent !

Ryan on Maiko II
This is a wonderful photo. The framing really draws attention to the subject and creates a lot of tension and drama in ...

Relatos on wabi sabi
This tree has an interesting form. I like it. It looks like to me a good capture. Saludos, Sandra R.

Lorraine on On the way out
Wow very's been whispered that there MAY be a comeback...can we be so lucky?

Francis on On the way out
very bice I love the subtle colors , i did something similar to this in black and white. Cool!

maivju:z on Will the Real Mary Jane Please Stand Up?
omg! forgot this one too...this one is stunning...very good indeed...wonderful capture....

maivju:z on ╔╗ above...and dont recall seeing this one either...this is great! get back out there with the camera...!

maivju:z on 5
love this....very nice...

maivju:z on Blue Energy Washes Whiter
never saw this...think this is a standout....

maivju:z on The unexamined life is not worth living
have to say...this is one of your best...

akarui on To AM3...
I love this picture with the treatment.

Auror on Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
woahhh!!! superb shot!! great!!

bm on On the way out
hey this is a nice one...and looking at the date I'm wondering if this was a message...I will miss your subway ...

Nima Majidifar on Sunday Sunday...
this one is amazing!!

Nima Majidifar on I_
brilliant! i dunno why, im afraid of takin pictures of random ppl in public, i really need to do sth bout it! ive ...

Kheoh Yee Wei on On the way out
i just love the way it is,very interesting of a state.

Siegfried Becker on On the way out

Damon Schreiber on On the way out
I'll second that about long legged elephants. There's a fine 3D hyper-real feeling to this. It looks dried ...

Damon Schreiber on I_
Beautiful tones to the light and shadows here. The strap-hanger and the crouched-up girl do so well at occupying ...

Angry Buddha on Sunday Sunday...
Love the lighting for this Duncan.

Angry Buddha on On the way out
Nice texture and feel to this.

Jen on On the way out

Michelle Bialowas on On the way out
Great to be back to your blog... Thank-you for your last comments and kind thoughts.

Chris Sullivan on On the way out
Brilliant, you haven't missed a beat.

Laurie on On the way out
There is something graceful about flowers in this state.

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