About Duncan Galbraith

Duncan Galbraith

Gosh, this always seems like the hardest part of any webpage/blog. Ill leave it short and simple. I have 2 wee bairns who are everything and more to me, I have a penchant for sushi, I have what my wife says is an obsessive compulsive desire to play Nick Drake songs every day, I have a home for which I'm grateful, and a family for which I thank, I have ideas which I think no-one will share, I have an excuse to buy toys again (thank you Ewan and Caleb) and I have a camera...im still looking for tips on where to point it.

Mantua Arts Centre, Ballaghadereen Co Roscommon, Ireland -June, 2007
JunkRoom, Kyoto City, Japan - April 2008
Kyoto University Alumni Hall - November 2008